Just an Idea of a gift for the Holiday Season


  Every year around this time all of us are faced with the same dilemma, what gift should we buy our loved ones for the holidays? We don’t want a gift that will be re-gifted to someone else nor do we want one that will just be put away in a drawer and forgotten about. Instead what we want is that gift that our family member will love and be so pleased with it that they will be talking about tit ot everyone. We all want to give that perfect gift. Well, today I’m going to try to suggest a gift that I find to be a great one which is to buy a luxury pen.

                Now before I tell you why a pen is a great gift I’m going to give you a little bit of a background of ST Dupont which is something I’m sure most of you already know. Simon Tissot Dupont created a leather and luggage workshop in 1872, where he was producing products for the highest social circles. In 1841  In 1941, its first luxury petrol lighter was produced. Later ion 1973 Jackie Kennedy loved her Dupont lighter so much that she ordered a pen to match. Thereby the “ Classique” was born.

                 “Classique” pens, like all other  S.T.Dupont pens are made of authentic Chinese lacquer which is produced from the sap of the Asian Rhus Vernicifera tree. Using a special technique Dupont’s  master lacquerers an exclusive beauty and distinctive character is given to each item ensuring that no two lacquers are identical. This item is not just a present, it can be something that can be passed down through generations or you can have it as an investment. When you purchase an S.T.Dupont pen, you become the owner of a unique, individually numbered item of jewelry, crafted in the finest metals and rigorously tested. Buying a “Classique” pen as a gift ensures a gift that is sure to please.

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