The Importance of Proper Care

The Importance of Proper Care

Every month, Art Brown International receives many jet lighters with a very common issue. It is a great concern when our favorite every day lighter stops working. Thankfully, taking care of the lighter to ensure that it does not come in contact with dirt, oil, water or grease will greatly expand the use of your lighter. The video below is a great example of this issue - and is more common than one might think. 

As you can see in the pictures below, a lot of dust can accumulate inside of the lighters. This can cause issues with the refill valve, the injection valve, or the ignition itself.

See the finished repair.

In order to prevent this type of issue, it is good practice to carry yout lighter in a case, or clean it off with a can of compressed air every so often. Understanding the importance of proper care makes the biggest difference in terms of your lighters life span. 

Learn how to troubleshoot your jet lighter issues. 

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