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Monteverde Quadro 4-in-1 Multifunction Pen Brass

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*** PLEASE NOTE THE COLOR IN PERSON IS MORE OF A GOLD/BRASS COLOR. NOT YELLOW/GREEN.*** We will gladly send a picture to anyone interested.

The Quadro from Monteverde is a really stylish multifunction pen. Its metal barrel, crafted from solid brass, features a knurled grip area, sprung pocket clip, and a timeless satin finish. The barrel band is inscribed with 'Monteverde Quadro'.

Inside there are 3 ballpoint refills in black, blue, and red, and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. Hidden underneath the push button is a replaceable eraser.

Advancing each refill employs a gravity-assisted mechanism: simply hold the pen at a 45° angle and rotate until the desired refill is face-up, then click the push button. To retract, press the thumb switch located on the clip.

Brand: Monteverde