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Montegrappa Nelson Mandela Pen Beige Resin Rollerball

Montegrappa Nelson Mandela Ballpoint Pen, ISDUMBPW

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Material: Ivory Resin, Palladium

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island for 18 out of 27 total years he served behind bars before the fall of apartheid. Nelson Mandela’ s writing instruments collection is further adorned on the pen’s cap by his victorious and most famous silhouette as well as his original signature in enamel-filled engravings. South Africa’s incredible folkloristic heritage and socio-political significance is symbolically reported through the palladium - plated decorative ring at every pen’s barrel end.

Brushed Palladium and Beige Resin define this homage piece to the historical icon. Montegrappa provides a twist top with this writing instrument - a must have for any contemporary working professional.