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ST Dupont Line D Elysee Brushed Palladium Rollerball Pen Art Brown

S.T. Dupont Line D / Elysee Brushed Palladium Rollerball Pen, 412607

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Reference Number: 412607

Material: Palladium

The celebrated Line D collection brings classic and contemporary design together to create a perfectly balanced range of luxury writing instruments. With a choice brushed palladium accent, the design features of a Line D rollerball pen delivers outstanding performance with exceptional style. Elegant lines and exceptional engineering create a timelessly stylish collection of fine writing instrument with a perfectly balanced weight that ensures your words always flow.


  • Larger proportions for a more masculine design
  • Stronger visual metallic details
  • Streamlined and elegant profile


  • Signature Diamond Head pattern on the clip
  • Multiple layers of lacquer ensure a highly wear-resistant surface
  • Individually hand assembled and tested

 Backed by a 2-year S.T. Dupont warranty.