st dupont limited edition premium shoot the moon ligne 2

ST Dupont Shoot The Moon Lighter | Ligne 2

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Product Name: ST Dupont Shoot The Moon Lighter

Size: Ligne 2

Model #: 016151

S.T. Dupont pays tribute to the famous Author Jules Verne and its novel From the Earth to the Moon written in 1865, with this exceptional new limited edition, Shoot The Moon. This book is part of "the voyages extraordinaires". Jules Verne has imagined an extraordinary adventure : at the end of the war of secession, the gun club of Baltimore tries to send a projectile on the moon with an impressive cannon. Astronomy and artillery are strongly part of the novel, as technical means to go to the moon. Each S.T. Dupont Premium Shoot the Moon piece is numbered up to 1865, in reference to the publication date of the novel From the Earth to the Moon.